File Transfer Internet

File Transfer Internet problem is successfully solved by Remote Computer Access product. Statement of the file transfer internet question is not urgent if you are using Remote Access solution. Similar internet transfer file subject matter can be explained too. So, as you see, file transfer internet is not a problem anymore.

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Remote Computer Access and File Transfer Internet

Remote Computer Access allows the user to remotely control any computer, running under the Microsoft Windows system in a TCP/IP local area network or the Internet. The file transfer internet operation is supported. The user can see a remote desktop on his or her own screen and use the mouse and keyboard to control the connected computer remotely.

Remote Computer Access is file transfer internet software

Remote Computer Access software allows you to:

  • Display the remote computer screen on your screen in real-time
  • Use own keyboard and mouse to control the remote computer
  • Perform some operations remotely, such as: file transfer internet, shutdown, reboot, etc.

Remote Computer Access product has all the necessary features to solve file transfer internet problem and work with the remote computer without physical moving.

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