Home Networking and Remote Access

Using Remote Computer Access, you can simply help your relatives and friends to solve their computer problems without even leaving the house.

Many houses have two or more computers and a network. With Remote Computer Access, you can sit at your favorite PC and have full remote access to any other computer in your home network.

A list of home networking tasks:

  • Home network management
  • Helpdesk for your relatives and friends
  • Working on many computers from one place

Using Remote Access, you can simply help any person to resolve their computer problems remotely, rather than making long phone calls, trying to explain what to click and what to press.

Remote Computer Access software

Network Management Using Remote Access

Using Remote Computer Access, the network administrators no longer need to be chained to their desks. The program enables a network administrator to perform full control of any remote PC in the local area network, from anywhere in the world. The software can work through routers and firewalls, and supports the dynamic IP addresses.

A brief list of available network management tasks:

  • Remote computer access and remote desktop connection
  • Remote desktop viewing and control
  • Monitoring for remote PC
  • Remote PC software distribution and installation
  • Remote computer shutdown

Remote Computer Access is great network management software.

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