How to control remote computer?

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If you still have not installed Host Module on the remote PC, please walk to that PC and install Host Module. Otherwise please read instructions you need to do now:


For connecting to the remote computer with the installed Host Module and controlling it by your keyboard and mouse, you must follow the following instructions:


1.Start the Administrator Module application via desktop shortcut. Admin Module's Control Window will appear.
2.Click on the "ADD NEW PC" address book item for adding a new computer address to the Address Book. Enter the  remote IP address (or computer name), port number and other information about remote PC in appeared dialog box.
3.Click the "Connect" button in toolbar, enter the Access Password of the remote computer (if it is requested) in the Connection dialog box.
4.Click on the "Full Control" button in toolbar.
5.Control the remote PC by your keyboard and mouse in the appeared Remote Screen window.


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