Admin Module: Control Window interface

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The Control Window is the main window of the Admin Module.


Control Window

Fig.2. Control Window.


The Control Window contains the following interface elements (fig. 2):


1. The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains a series of drop down menus that can be used to access various tools and configuration features. 


Menu "Actions" is used for connection with remote computers and working with them (viewing of the remote screen, shutting down of the remote computers, etc).
Menu "Settings" is used for changing the program's settings and managing the Address Book.
Menu "Window" is used for managing the program's windows.
Menu "Help" for the help call, entering of the registration code, etc.


2. The Toolbar

The Toolbar contains buttons for executing of the most frequently used task. Clicking on an individual button takes you straight to that task. The toolbar buttons have the following purpose:


"Connect" button is used for connection with the chosen remote computers.
"Disconnect" button is used for disconnection from the selected remote computers.
"Full Control" button is used for displaying the remote screens of the selected remote computers in individual windows and working with them in Control Mode (keyboard and mouse controlling).
"View Only" button is similar to that of "Full Control", except for the fact, that operating with the selected remote screens will take place in View mode.
"Turn Off"  button is used for turning off the remote computers. It calls menu with such commands: restart, switch off, shutdown and log off.


3. The Address Book

The Address Book provides an explorer like structure for creating, displaying and working with shortcuts of remote computers. To add a new computer to the list, click twice on the "Add New PC" item, fill the fields of the appeared dialog box and enter OK. After that, a shortcut for the new computer will appear in Address Book.


Each item of Address Book consists of 3 fields:


In "Remote PC" field a Displaying Name of a remote computer is represented.
"Connection state" field  current state of connection with the remote PC  (Connected, Disconnected or Connection Wait);
"Information" field contains information about Windows platform (9x or NT) and Host Module version on the remote computer.


To execute some task on a remote computer or a group of remote PCs (connection or viewing of the remote screens for example), you should select by mouse and with Shift/Ctrl keys (by analogue to the choosing of a group of files in Explorer) the wanted computers and call the needed command in "Actions" menu (or to use the toolbar buttons).


For quick access to often used commands you can use popup menu (right mouse button clicking).


4. The Log-Events List

  This list reflects the information concerning events with the remote computers in chronological order.


5. The Status Bar

The Status Bar is displayed at the bottom of the Control Window. It shows the number of currently connected hosts and brief description of menu items while positioning the cursor over an item.


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