Admin Module: PC's properties dialog

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This dialog box serves for adding a new computer (shortcut) to the Address Book or to change the properties of the existing shortcut.



Fig.3. Host's properties dialog box.


The following information should be entered in this dialog box  (fig.3):


Remote PC's address

In this field you should enter either the IP address or the machine's name of the remote computer.



How to determine IP address read here


Shortcut name

It is the PC's name represented in the Address Book. It can be any name, for example: "My PC"


Port Number

It is the port number for connection to the remote computer. This port must be opened on the remote PC.

Default port number is 6279. If your firewall denies this port, change it to the allowed one.


Access Password

One nice feature of Admin Module is that it allows you to have saved Access Password of the remote PC on your computer. With this feature you are not obliged to remember many Access Passwords to the remote PCs. Saved Access Passwords will be automatically applied each time while connecting to the corresponding remote computers. 


Note: This feature is possible only when the Master Key is used. Otherwise, Access Passwords will not be saved and you will have to enter it in Connection dialog box each time you connect to the remote PC.

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