Menu of the Remote Screen window

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To work with the Remote Screen window and to operate a remote computer, a system menu of the given window is often used. Press Ctrl+F12 to call this menu.



Fig.7. Menu of the Remote Screen window.


  Menu of the Remote Screen window contains the following commands (fig.7):


Send Keystroke

Ctrl+Esc (Start menu)
Ctrl+Shift+Esc (Task Manager)

Turn Off

Switch off
Log off

Color Palette

Auto (most fast)
8 bit  (256 colors)
16 bit (65536 colors)
24 bit (16777216 colors)
32 bit (16777216 colors)

View mode

Control mode

Window mode

Full-Screen mode

Scale the screen to fit


Sending of the keystrokes to the remote PC.

The items of "Send Keystroke" submenu work only in Control Mode. Some items are available only when the remote Host Module runs as a service of the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.


Such combinations of keys as Ctrl+Alt+F12, Shift+F12, Ctrl+F12, Alt+F12 and F12 act as auxiliary. For example: for quick sending Ctrl+Alt+Delt to the remote PC you can simply press Ctrl+Alt+F12; for switching between display modes the F12 key is used and so on.

If you want to send auxiliary keystrokes to the remote computer, you must use corresponding items of "Send Keystroke" submenu.


Sending power management commands.

You can quickly manage the power of the remote computer with the help of the following menu commands:

Switch off the remote computer

Restart the remote computer

Shutdown the remote computer

Logoff the remote computer


Changing of the color palette.

You can change the color palette of the screen shots, viewed in the Remote Screen window through the "Color palette" menu commands.


It is important to know that the speed of the screen shots' refreshing greatly depends on the used color palette. Therefore in case of low speed it is recommended to try different color palettes for selecting the optimal one. Used by default "Auto" color depth provide the fastest refreshing of the screen shots. It is the optimal color palette for the fast networks. But for networks with low bandwidth it is better to use low color depth, for example 8 bit per pixel.


Note: When several administrators are viewing the same remote screen from their computers, and someone will change the color palette in his/her Remote Screen window, the color palette will automatically be changed in all administrators' Remote Screen windows.


Switching between "View Mode" and "Control Mode".

For switching the Remote Screen window between "View Mode" and "Control Mode" press Shift+F12 or use corresponding menu items. Only in the Control Mode you can control the remote computer by your mouse and  keyboard.


Switching between Display Modes.

Screen image of a remote computer can be presented in one of the three modes: "Full-Screen",  "Windowed" and "Scaled".

For switching the Remote Screen window between "Full-Screen" and "Windowed" modes press F12 or use corresponding menu items.

When a screen of a remote computer is larger than a local one, you can stretch the Window of the Remote Screen to see the whole screen of the remote computer. To fulfill this operation switch to "Scaled Mode", pressing Alt+F12 or choosing "Scale the screen to fit" menu item.






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