Admin Module installation and setup

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1.Start the installation on the Network Administrator's computer.
2.Select the Admin Module among the installation options.
3.Follow the installation instructions.
4.Start the Admin Module application through the Start menu. At first the program will offer to set a new Master Key. It is recommended to set it (when this key is set, the program will safely cache Access Passwords for remote computers, freeing you from the need to remember many different passwords).
5.Click on the "ADD NEW PC" address book item for adding a new computer to the Address Book. Enter the remote IP address (or computer name), port number and other information about remote PC in the dialog box.
6.Click on the "Connect" button in toolbar, enter the Access Password of the remote Host PC (if it is requested) in the dialog. Then click the "Full Control" button in toolbar.
7.Control remote computer in the Remote Screen window.

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