Basic Features

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Remote Computer Access allows remote control of computers running under Windows in TCP-IP-networks.

Some abilities of the software are listed below:


Remote Power Management

Remotely logon, logoff, restart and shutdown remote computer.


Multiple Connection Support

Admin Module supports simultaneous multiple connections to the different computers with Host Module. There is also a possibility of a simultaneous connection of a number of computers with Admin Module to one computer with Host Module.


Working through firewalls and DHCP support

The software can work through routers and firewalls, and has support for dynamic IP addresses. 


Security Features

Remote Computer Access has a large number of security features that restrict access to the program and defend the computer from an unauthorized remote access.

More details about security features read here.


Logging feature

Host Module has a logging feature. All actions can be written to the log file, which can be used for the determination as to who has connected and when.


Run as a Service

Host Module can work as a system service. This lets you log a user on or off remotely.


Modes of working with a remote screen

There are 2 modes of working with a remote screen: "View Mode" and "Control Mode". View mode allows viewing only the remote screen. In Control mode you can additionally control the remote screen by keyboard and mouse.


Display modes

Screen image of a remote computer can be presented in one of the three modes: Full-ScreenWindowed and Scaled. Full-Screen mode permits you the viewing of the remote screen on the entire screen of your display and Windowed mode - in a window. There is also a possibility to scale the image to the size of a window (Scaled mode).


Selecting of Color Palette

Remote Computer Access supports any screen resolutions with the color depth beginning from 8 to 32 bit. By default, Host Module transmits screenshots with the color depth providing highest possible speed of screenshot refreshing. Yet you can set the quality of transmitted image manually.


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