Host Configurator: Launching tab

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Fig.12. Host Configurator: Launching tab.


Tray Icon.

Use "Disable Exit command" option to prevent closing of Host Module via tray icon menu.

This feature guarantees that Administrator will have remote access to Host PC when it is required, because remote user can't close Host Module via tray icon.

Note: Also you should protect access to Host Configurator by Access Password, because user of Host PC can enable "Exit" command again; see the Security tab of Host Configurator.


How to hide tray icon?


Previous versions of Host Configurator contained option "Hide tray icon".

However we were obliged to remove this feature, because we had problems with Antivirus softwares, which detected our program as trojan. Normal remote control software (not trojan) should inform user that it is installed on the computer. And tray icon informs user about it.



How the Host Module will be running?

Use options 2 for choosing how the Host Module will be running on your PC. There are such variants:


As system service, which automatically starts with Windows;
As simple application, which automatically starts after the user's logon;
As simple application, which doesn't start automatically, but can be started manually.


Note: Only in system service mode the Host Module supports all its features.

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