Host Configurator: Access tab

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Fig.9. Host Configurator: Access tab.


Security of network connections.

Access Password defends Host Module from unauthorized remote access. Turn on option 1 (fig.9) for assigning the Access Password. Only the person who knows this password will be able to connect with this host.


  With options 2 you can select kind of traffic encryption between modules. There are 2 levels of encryption:

Encryption of all data streams, except screenshots.

It is default security level. It provides optimal security for cases when high speed of screen shots refreshing is required and high security of PC is not required. With this level all data transfered through network (such as mouse movements, keyboard commands, etc.) except screen shots will be encrypted.

Absolute encryption of all traffic.

With this level, absolutely all data will be encrypted. But this mode is more slow.


Settings change's security.

To prevent access to the Host Configurator program you can use Access Password. It will protect Host Module's settings from changes via Host Configurator program. For fulfilling this turn on option 3.


It is useful for unsecure Windows OS (Windows 95/98/Me). Under secure OS (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003) it is better to use its internal security features (to install Host Module as system service).


Note that the program's settings are stored in the registry and this password doesn't prevent registry change. But If Host Module runs as service of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, the administrator privileges are required for changing the registry settings. Thus, it is recommended to install Host Module as a service.


Kind of remote access to this Host.

You can configure Host Module for 2 kinds of access (see option 4):

"Full Control" mode. Person who know Access Password can view Host's screen and control it (using mouse and keyboard), to restart, turn off Host remotely, etc.
"View only" mode. Person who know Access Password can view Host's screen without ability to interact with it. This mode can be useful for classrooms when students want to view teacher's screen (while showing of presentation) without ability to control it.

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