Host Configurator: TCP/IP tab

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Fig.10. Host Configurator: TCP/IP tab.


Limitation of connections' number.

For limitation of simultaneous connections' number set option 1 (fig. 10) and enter needed number in corresponding field. With this setting the simultaneous connections' quantity to the Host Module will not be larger than the entered number.


Bandwidth type.

Use options 2 for selecting used bandwidth type:

Local Network (High bandwidth)
Internet (Low bandwidth)

The Host Module will be optimizing all incoming connections based on this setting.


Port open for connections.

Turn on option 3 for entering port number used by Host Module for accepting of incoming connections. Default port number is 6279.


Note: For connecting to this host via Admin Module the same port number in the Host's properties dialog of the Admin Module must be entered.


IP-addresses filtering.

IP Filter allows access to the Host Module only from specified IP addresses and subnets.

For using IP Filter turn on option 4, click the "Edit IP-Filters" button and add allowed IP addresses and subnets to the list in appearing dialog box. Example:


Single IP:

Subnet:      192.168.*.*


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