Host Module's tray icon

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Host Module places an icon in the system tray. When an administrator connects, the host computer changes the icon to alert the user that another computer is trying to take over the session.


Move your mouse pointer over the Host Module tray icon and the tool tip will show the list of computer's IP addresses.


For turning off the tray icon, use "Hide tray icon" option in the Host Configurator program.


After clicking on the tray icon by right mouse button  popup menu will appear, which contains the following commands:


"Current Connections..." command will show the list of the remote computers connected to the host. The list contains the information who is viewing/controlling your PC from the remote location.
"Settings.." command will launch Host Configurator program for changing the Host Module's settings.
"About..." command will show the information about the Host Module version and about its developer.
"Help" command will open the program help file.
"Exit" command closes the Host Module.

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