How it works and what you need to do?

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You need to have 2 (or more) computers connected through the network or with access to the Internet and install the software on both. The software consists of two modules:


1.Admin Module (often called viewer or client) displays screens of the remote computers (in the separate windows) and allows the administrator to control the remote PCs with a mouse and a keyboard. This module is usually installed on administrator computers only.


2.Host Module (often called server) executes the commands sent by Admin Module. This module is installed on each computer you want to control remotely (as a rule, each computer in the network).


The installation package contains both modules. You can select a required module during the installation. You can install both modules on the same computer if you want.




1.Walk to computer you want to control remotely (Host PC). Download the installation package from our site onto that computer and install the Host Module there.
2.Go to your own PC (Admin PC). Download the installation package and install the Admin Module.


How to control the remote computer?


Start the Admin Module on your PC.

Add the host computer address to the address book.

Connect to remote PC using "Connect" button.

Press "Full Control" button and control the remote screen by your mouse and keyboard in the appearing window. That is all.


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