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Remote Computer Access is a high-security software. It has a large number of security features that restrict access to the program and defend the computer from an unauthorized remote access. The software uses the following program-defense algorithms:


Algorithm                                    Length of Key  (bit)

    RSA                                                  320

    GOST                                               256

    RC4-like stream encryption              64

    MD5                                                -


  Some security features are listed below:


Using Access Password for Host Module

For securing the computer with a working Host Module you can set a unique Access Password. (you can do this through the Host Configurator program). It is strongly recommended to set it. Access Password serves for 2 purposes:


  1.This password is used to defend computer with Host Module from unauthorized remote access. Remote Admin Module will request it at each connection to the Host Module. Therefore, only person who knows this password will be able to connect to the Host PC remotely.


Technically, Access Password is used to fulfill authentication of the both sides. Authentication takes place with the help of digital signature algorithm RSA with a private key of 320 bit length. All traffic, sent between sides are encrypted with a random key of 64 bit length which is given to the both sides during the process of authentication (it is used RC4-like encryption algorithm). 


  2.Access Password also can be used to prevent any change in the settings of Host Module via Host Configurator program. Network Administrator can defend access to Host Configurator program with an Access Password on the each network machine. It prevents random changing of the Host Module's settings by novice users of Host PCs.


These security features make the program usage absolutely safe.



  Allows an access to the Host Module only from specified IP addresses and subnets.


Windows NT security

  Host Module can work in 2 modes under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003: as the system service or as the simple application.

But service mode provides better protection of Host Module settings from unauthorized change on the Host PC, as administrator privileges will be required for changing them.


Inhibition of Full Control

You can configure Host Module for 2 kinds of access:

"Full Control" mode. Person who know Access Password can view Host's screen and control it (using mouse and keyboard), to restart, turn off Host remotely, etc.
"View only" mode. Person who know Access Password can view Host's screen without ability to interact with it. This mode can be useful for classrooms when students want to view teacher's screen (while showing of presentation) without ability to control it.


Using Master Key for Admin Module

Admin Module can save all Access Passwords onto your computer and protect them with a Master Key. Master Key usage guarantees a safe storage of the Access Passwords for connection to the remote PCs on administrator's computer (it uses strong encryption with 256-bit key).


When using master key it is not necessary for administrator to enter Access Password at every connection with some remote computer. You are not obliged to remember all passwords for all of the remote PCs. Admin Module can be saving them automatically on the Admin PC.


If the Master Key is not used, the Admin Module will not save the Access Passwords and will be requesting them each time you connect to the remote computers.


The Master Key can be set in the Admin Module settings' dialog and it will be requested every time the Admin Module is starting.


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