Security Recommendations

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We recommend the following steps are used to secure PC with the Remote Computer Access.


On the Host Module side:

If you want to protect a computer with Host Module from unauthorized access you should do it on the computer with Host Module at first. It doesn't matter how good Remote Computer Access Host's security is if people can just walk up to the host and access the information.


Physically restrict access to the PC if it contains important information.
Use a secure operating system such as Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and use its security to protect the computer locally.
Set an Access Password at the Host Module and keep it in secret. Only the person who knows the Access Password will be able to connect to the Host Module remotely.
Use IP Filtering to allow access to the Host Module only from specified IP addresses and subnets.
Use Access Password to prevent any change in the settings of Host Module via Host Configurator program.
Install Host Module as a system service if it runs under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. In this case for changing Host Module's settings or uninstalling it, the administrator privileges will be needed.
Use Host Module's log-file for the determination who has connected and when.


On the Admin Module side:

Keep the Master Key in secret. Only the person who knows the Master Key will be able to use Access Passwords saved on the PC. If the Master Key is not used, the Access Passwords will not be saved on the computer (it is safer).
Never leave Admin Module running on your PC if other persons work sometimes on your PC. Close the Admin Module after working with it, and it will be safer.


It is advisable to set all passwords of at least 8 symbols.

It is recommended for the password to be a meaningless set of letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.

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